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May 22 – Hey hey hey, big news! I did a guest comic, and it's up right now. Where you ask, none other “Taking the Bypass” by David Buist! That's right, THE “Taking the Bypass” has honored me by putting my guest comic on the site. You can find it at WWW.CARTOONME.NET . If you are familiar of TTB (as we fans call it) you're a goofball. TTB features the wacky adventures of David, the fun-loving, deep-thinking, Maple-Leafs worshiping guy-next door, as well as his off-beat cast of friends and family. It's really good, but I've always had questions about it that never got answered in the story. That's what the guest comic is about. I guess I could have just asked, but... whatever. This seems as good a time as any to say I'm a Pittsburgh Penguins fan! Yessir I am! Go Pens! I have high hopes this year for Stanley Cup gold... just like last year... sigh... I saw “Angels and Demons” yesterday, not bad, not bad at all. I know Dan Brown catches all sorts of flak for his novels, but at it's heart it's a treasure hunting thriller, and that one scene, I don't what to be a spoiler, but you know the one, near the end, with the helicopter and the Carmelangio does his hero thing, yeah that one, that was just awesome. The big swerve at the end, in my opinion wasn't set up so well, but Ewan McGregor looks awesome when he's all bloody and beaten up, so ruggedly tough, I'd cast him. Peace out, yall!

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