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May 2nd, 2009 - We got some fancy new things here at the SUC, and I hope they don't break. We are now on the Webcomics List, as you can see above, so please go there and vote for me or whatever that thing's for. We also have a Newsbox, nothing really interesting about that. And below we have a comment box, finally you can tell me and everyone else how much you adore me, or conversly how you all hate me and have hated me my whole life. Dealer's choice. I kinda feel I should make these longer, if only to make people skimming the page think I have something to talk about, so I 'spose I'll talk about myself a little. My name is Julian, but I go by the pen name Edward Julesville or just Julesville. I live in Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, which is located in the extreme west of the island (the best part of the island), where I'm currently going to college. I love writing, writing anything, crafting a narrative or scribling away about the worlds of my invention. It's my dream to do it professionally. I've been really into web comics for awhile now, but I've never considered myself an artist so I left that to other people. Now, however, I've decided to step into the ring and try my luck at the doodling game. Hopefully, I won't suck ass too much. Enjoy the comic. - j...

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