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 MAY   June 2009   

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Sorry this is so late, but I'm going to be totally honest... I've been playing the Sims 3. That's game is crazy addictive, it's like crack that take 15 hours to do properly. Anyway, we're back on track now, some what, sort. The Penguins! Stanley Cup Champions! I knew they could do it. This is an awesome year for my hometown of Pittsburgh. We've got the champion Penguins and the champion Steelers, now all we need is for the Pirates to win the... uh, nevermind, like the great man said, "Two out of three ain't bad!" I've also been playing a little Prototype. A little suggestion for those of you who hate easy games, Prototype is hella difficult. Not because it's so hard, but because it makes some of the things you sooooo long and hard. There are missions that take an hour to finish and require you to speed through all of it and do so many things at the same time. It's fun, but... it makes me so ANGRY!!! Also, if you like the stories of games, play it and tell me if you can make any sence of it's confusing-ass Momento-with-ADD storyline. I mean, it begins in the future, but you play in the present, while at the same time narrating in the future. And so little happens in the present, any story is told by flash backs to the immediate past as well as the distant past. Or maybe it begins in the present, and you play in the past, narrated from the present or... who the hell can tell. It seems like it would be interesting story if they could ever just spit it out. Any way, peace out!

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